We are a dynamic company with a team of more than 30 permanent employees with extensive experince in the field. As WOOD CONSTRUCTION s.r.o. led by Odlřich Jirsa, we have been on the market since 2014. Since then, we have registred with many Czech and foreign companies as reliable and responsible partner. We are constantly pleased with this fact and we still try not to disappoint existing and new partners.

Our main job is:

  • production and construction of stage dekorations and buildings
  • modifications of exteriors and interiors in locations for shooting needs
  • production of props of all types
  • comprehensive construction services
  • production of custom furniture, construction joinery and carpentery
  • production of non-traditional interiors for both private and commercial use 

We can provide a complete service from building preparation, construction, services, disposal where we are waste management as efficiently as possible. WE JUST RECYCLE. Our activities cover the entire territory of Czech republic, as well as the rest of the EU, we are not afraid of the rest of the world.

We try to keep up with modern trends, use new technologies and constantly renew equipment for higher and better quality of our products. Thanks to this, we are not afraid to start working in materials other than wood. We handle plastics, metal, glass and many other materials just as well. Elements that we can´t handle, will be handled by the bese of our partners throughout the Czech republic and beyond. We have also a paint shop and spray box. We handle all types of surface treatment, including special patinas. We have our own fleet, forklifts and other equipment. Due to the trend (make and move) of shortening the times for construction in the location or in the studio, we have sucured sufficiently large preparation areas.

I believe that we will be able to prove to you what we are and what we can do.